Rise and Fall of the Arc-King

The battle of Dun Faern

As TItus and Wolvie gained the upper hand against the two assassins that had ambushed them in the pass of the Erisha Mountains, their two assailants fled to the east. Titus lost sight of Wolvie in the melee, and whether hurt or dead, decided to avenge his new companion, and gave chase. In his pursuit of the elf and duergur attackers, Titus was joined by a shaggy looking mercenary, who joined the chase. Forming a tentative alliance as they entered the small fishing village of Dun Faern, the two split up to search for the assassins. Dashing out of the shadows, the elf, Dryuiiz, and the duergur, The Chave, ambushed our heroes once again, dealing vicious blows. Quickly realized they needed to work together, TItus and the mercenary combined their skills, and promptly demolished several buildings in their battle with The Chave. Seeing defeat nearing, The Chave shouted to his companion to escape, and Dryuiiz headed for the docks, where a swift skiff awaited.

As Titus pursued the elf illusionist to prevent her escape, the mercenary finished off The Chave, blasting him off of a rooftop to his doom. . .or so he thought.
In a fury of rattling chains, The Chave transformed himself into the Chain God, a hulking monstrosity of swirling chains and a sick part attitude. As the Chain God surveyed the battlefield, he began hurling his massive bulk towards anyone he could see, demolishing buildings and bulldozing our heroes.

Seeing the battle lost and her escape slipping away, Dryuiiz uses one last gambit, and detonates a magical explosive within the town center, setting multiple buildings on fire. Refusing the let her escape, TItus continues his assault, leaving the villagers to their own problems. Repeatedly striking the skiff and surrounding water with lightning from his sword, Titus finally cuts off all escape for the elf. In defiance and facing capture, Dryuiiz cuts her own throat, and sinks in to the shallow water.

Titus turns in time to see the Chain God topple over, struck down by the mercenary’s divine light. As the mercenary dives into the water to retrieve the elf’s possessions, Titus turns to face the angry villagers. Offering them his personal blacksmithing tools as a gift of atonement, Titus successfully makes amends for letting their village burn down. As the mercenary retires to a nearby hut with a new dwarven friend, Titus is told that a meeting will be arranged with the local Vitreous.. . .


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